Benefits of Being a Topscorebrand

  • Award trophies
  • Topscorebrands Award seal
  • Media Publication
  • Anti-Counterfeit Solution
  • Topscorebrands Tv
  • Intra & inter-country Exhibition
  • Franchising
  • Topscorebrands Book of Championship

Award Seals

Green Seal

Blue seal

ruby-red seal

why become a topscorebrand?

In a world full of brands competition, many brands usually strive to stand high and rise above all in their held. Attaining a Topscorebrands status gives you a competitive edge over your competitors. Being paid a tribute to as the most successful and excellent brand makes you a lion in the jungle as consumers believes in your products/services hence ushering in an opportunity for you to become bigger and stronger in the market.

After being verified & certified, the recognized brands gets the Topscorebrands Award Seal& a new "Topscorebrands status"in their industries they represent . The award seal can be used freely in all Advertising Marketing Materials websites 

The New topscorebrands status helps in elavating your brand making you stand out and have a competitive edge over your competitors

Once a brand becomes a Topscorebrands they get permited to use the award seal as a symbol of their new “Topscorebrands status”. The seal can be used in all the marketing materials branding, websites, social media among others

Award seal usage