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5th Gala Awards

2024 Event Countdown


About Us

TOPSCOREBRANDS GLOBAL believes that excellence is never accidental. We uphold a higher intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution & the vision to see obstacles as opportunities in our focus on branding Topscore Brands.

We endeavor to promote brands through recognition, ranking & awards as we give the recognized brands a platform to share their story. Our companies’ review is dependent on the effort to create trustable, transparent, accountable, and reliable brands globally.

The brands stories that we gather are also brought to the public domain through publication, social media as well as mainstream media as a way of promoting the recognized brands. This information is also recorded in our Topscorebrands Hall of Fame

Topscorebrands Awarded various Entities on 1st of December 2022 at Radisson Blu Hotel


We conduct research to identify the most conspicuous brands in the market place.
We send our research team to interview the relevant brand leaders in our identified companies on 10 points parameters.
Our team of experts conduct brand analysis based on the response given by the brand owners during the interview and shortlisting is then done based on that analysis. Only the shortlisted brands are contacted for the next level of engagement.
The shortlisted brands are again subjected to public vetting through social media opinion polls to allow as many participants as possible to vote for their most preferred brands. At this stage, only 4 of the best brands get to this level of engagement. The brands that top the group are contacted for the next level of engagement which includes payments and submitting of their brand stories to be considered for brand publication.
The most qualified brands are recognized and conferred with either Green, Blue or Ruby-Red seals of excellence at a Gala Event.
Each listed brand enjoys a magazine that will be launched during the Gala event which
carries their stories and comes with a customized cover page

Award Seal Usage

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